2012 03 29- Video footage of my daughter Elsa, swimming with humpback whales Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 21:54

Here is some video footage I took with Elsa swimming with humpback whales. Her first time in the water and she had an encounter for an hour and a half with a female, her calf and escort. At times they seemed more interested in her than vice versa. I am sure they recognised that she was a human 'calf'. The mother repeated swam towards us within ten feet and less to look while her calf hid underneath. Elsa also used her own underwater camera to film two 'dancers' that danced around us, apparently more interested in wooing us than each other. This was her favourite experience. For a year and a half she has been a member of a swim club and swum three times a week, one and a half hours per session, to become proficient enough at swimming that I would take her with me. In the end, she was like a squid, darting about here and there and with my 55-pound camera I was incapable of keeping up with her.


click here to see video of Elsa and whales