2012 04 2- Where the Whales Sings to be shown in Iran, South Korea and Air Canada Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Monday, 02 April 2012 09:02

Air Canada has bought the rights to show "Where the Whales Sing" on its flights for a two-month period. Iran television has bought the rights to broadcast the film in their sphere of influence in the Middle East. South Korea will be dubbing the film into Korean and will showcase "Where the Whales Sing" to a young audience during their Environmental Film Festival in Seoul, mid-May. The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto has bought underwater footage to display at an upcoming exhibition. NOAA (Natinal Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will use our underwater footage and still images for an upcoming travelling exhibition this summer. All of this helps to increase the exposure of the humpbacks, and cetaceans in general, to the public all over the world. This exposure will hopefully make it increasingly difficult to ever go back to the days where whales are simply viewed as stocks or commodities to be reaped.

In the meantime, after two fantastic weeks in March, we now have had two weeks (and another week coming up) of winter storms and gales where it is impossible to get out on the water. Nevertheless, I have looked from South Shore when there is a northerly wind and can always find whales within a mile of shore within twenty minutes. The whales don't seem to be moving anywhere very fast and either re-surface in the same spot or a short distance away. Sometimes they are heading south west, sometimes north east.

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