Andrew’s work with the North Atlantic Humpbacks

2015-02-13 Icelandic whale migrating south towards Bermuda Print E-mail



Tagged Icelandic whale's satellite track as it heads from Iceland towards Bermuda- click here


Click on the above link to see the track of an Icelandic whale migrating south towards Bermuda. What is it doing? In six weeks the whales will be migrating north...


We have identified some fluke IDs here that have also been identified in Iceland but coming down here now?


The more we know, the more we don't know about these animals pelagic behavior.

2012 04 08 Some of the action we saw while following 11 whales for over 4 hours Print E-mail
There were occasional bursts of activiy as we followed 11 whales from Challenger Bank fifteen miles to 60 feet of water off Bermuda. This was one of a double breach
Whale behaviour in Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Thursday, 24 April 2008 08:53

Since starting the Humpback Whale Film and Research Project in the spring of 2007 there are a number of observations I made during the first year, which are being reinforced by observations made this year. Last year I spent most of my time trolling up and down the South Shore with the occasional foray to Sally Tuckers and Challenger Banks. This year I have spent as much time on Sally Tuckers and Challenger as the South Shore. Aspects of humpback whale behaviour I've observed in all three areas put into question some of the basic suppositions I had heard before.

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