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Go out on Geoff Gardner's 44-foot catamaran "Windrush" to see if we can find the entangled whale. While out there we see Lou Hollis the fisherman, who reported sighting the entangled whale, also looking for the humpback. Shortly after passing by Chubb's Head on our way to Challenger Banks, while I was sitting atop the mast, we came across bright green drift net that matched Lou Hollis' description. We hauled the net on board the Windrush and after spending the rest of the day looking for nets or entangled whales we took the net to the Farley Mowat in Dockyard where we placed the net on the deck.

Unravelling the net it quickly became obvious a large 'noose' where the whale might have been entangled. This large circle of net had rolled onto itself making a strong 'halter' or 'bridle' around the whale's head and body. Hanging from this was a considerable mass of tangled and knotted drift netting.

Click here to read the Royal Gazette news story.

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