2015-06-05 Spirit of Bermuda leaves Bermuda for the Marion to Bermuda race Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Spirit of Bermuda leave St George's Town Cut as a catamaran ferry comes in
dji_0187.mov_snapshot_02.15_2015.06.06_12.28.13 dji_0187.mov_snapshot_02.22_2015.06.06_12.28.35
Spirit of Bermuda leaving Town Cut outside St Georges on her way to New York
dji_0187.mov_snapshot_04.07_2015.06.06_12.33.15 dji_0187.mov_snapshot_05.21_2015.06.06_12.40.37
Spirit of Bermuda heads out to open seas
dji_0187.mov_snapshot_05.31_2015.06.06_12.41.48 dji_0187.mov_snapshot_06.26_2015.06.06_12.55.08
Bon Voyage! See you when you get back!
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