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Written by Andrew Stevenson   


The image above won the "Highly Commended - Most Publicly Liked Entry" at the THE PRINCE OF WALES'S COMMONWEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS "OUT OF THE BLUE"

30 different images of a pair of 'dancing' or courting humpback whales taken in Bermuda in 2014 are for sale. Each image can mounted on archival canvas or paper as large as 10x6 feet without pixillation.

Prices are as follow:

Giclee prints on cotton rag paper unframed are:

8x12 inches $100

11x17 inches $175

16x24 inches $300

20x30 inches $400

24x36 inches $550]

30x45 inches $750

36x54 inches $1,100

Giclee prints on stretched canvas are:

12x18 inches $650

16x24 inches $750

20x30 inches $1,100

24x36 inches $1,250

36x54 inches $2,500

Proceeds from the sale of these images go towards continuing our research. Contact Andrew by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

These photographs were taken under a Protected Species Licence for Scientific Research Activities Licence no. 14-04-11-03 issued by the Government of Bermuda, Department of Conservation Services

See images below:


dsc05117 dsc04893_vertical dsc05370

Numbers #1, #2, #3 above

dsc05123 dsc05378

Numbers #4, #5 above

dsc05550 dsc04818

Numbers #6, #7 above

dsc05418 dsc05419 dsc05420

Numbers #8, #9, #10 form a triptych

dsc05350 dsc04936

Numbers #11, #12 above

dsc05335 dsc05394

Numbers #13, #14 above

dsc04958 dsc05062

Numbers #15 and #16 above

dsc05264 dsc05259_ed_1_1

Numbers #17 and #18 above

dsc05211 dsc04982

Numbers #19 and #20 above

dsc05424 dsc05282

Numbers #21 and #22 above

dsc05125 dsc04802_ed_1_gallery_end

Numbers #23 and #24 above

dsc04962 dsc05518

Numbers #25 and #26 above

dsc05334 dsc05120

Numbers #27 and #28 above


Number #29

The above images were hanging as canvasses as large as 10x5 feet at the ACE Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda for four months in 2014 and again at another solo exhibition at Materworks in 2015.




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