Aerial view of eight humpbacks including mother and calf on Challenger Bank Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   



click here for aerial views of eight whales on Challenger Bank, Bermuda


These aerial views of the humpbacks combined with fluke IDs and our database of 1,300 fluke IDs here in Bermuda are opening up new dimensions of information on the pelagic social behavior of the North Atlantic humpback whales.

Some of the still frames from video footage below:

2016-04-14_acp_watermarked_1_jpeg.jpg_ed seven_whales_watermarked_7.20_mins_watermarked_2_2_jpeg 2016-05-02_whales_challenger_7.20_mins_watermarked_15_jpeg.jpg_ed 2016-05-02_whales_challenger_7.20_mins_watermarked_2_jpeg.jpg_ed

whales_watermarked_4_jpeg whales_watermarked_6_jpeg

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