2017-04-15 Candle makes a re-appearance Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Candle re-appeared for the 8th time in eleven years and once again it was on the 23rd April. This whale shows remarkable propensity for showing up in Bermuda at the same time every year although in 2012 he showed up here on the 23rd of January as well. Candle was first photographed by Prof Hal Whitehead off Labrador in 1976. As far we we know, Candle had not been seen since 1976 until 2007 when he appeared with Magical Whale. For those who saw my film "Where the Whales Sing" Candle 'fought' with Magical Whale when I was in the water filming them. I have recognised Candle by his behaviour even before I have had a chance to look at his distinct fluke ID. He's a show-off, swimming under the boat and breaching closeby or tail-slapping in close proximity to the boat. He didn't seem to be a juvenile in the 1976 ID photo so we know he is at least 41 years old! This year he was with a mother and the smallest calf I have ever seen here in Bermuda. The aerial images show exactly how small that calf was.
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