Mar 22nd 08 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A break in the weather at long last. I cycle over to South Shore to see if I can see any whales. At the first layby overlooking the west end of Warwich Long Bay I pull over on my bicycle and within ten seconds spot two whales. Fifteen minutes later a call that 'six' whales are at the east end of Warwick Long Bay. Cycle home after arranging for a crew to meet me at Devonshire Bay. Camilla's husband Richard, her sister Ruth and husband Jerry are there waiting by the time I arrive. Set off at 10.15 am. Sea is calm, winds about 12 knots from the NW. High tide. Another call from Warwick Long Bay saying the whales are now out of sight to the east. Annabel and Elsa are on the roof of our cottage with neighbour Claire and have the whales in sight off Grape Bay and direct me there. 10.50 first spot two whales heading east. At 11.02, 11,13, 11.34, 11.50, 12,09, 12.35, 13.01, 13.15, 13.32, 13.45, 13.56, 14.03 and 14.04 we see two whales moving very slowly in an easterly direction. At times they are one or two miles offshore, and one point they are only a hundred yards or so off the breakers at Knapton Hill. They seem to be almost sleeping at times and are almost always in about 50-70 feet of water. They often breathe several times before diving, often with their flukes up. One has a completely black tail and the other is a mix of black and white. Same description of the flukes as two weeks ago. These couldn't be the same two whales surely? The photos might reveal more when I have a chance to look. We head back after the two whales raise their flukes and dive in deep water a couple of miles off the east end of Tucker's Town. Back at Devonshire Bay at 15.30. A call at 14.15 from Debbie Pitt that there are two whales a couple of miles off the Sonesta. Had trouble getting decent fluke shots as often the whales were beside us when they surfaced.



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