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Written by Andrew Stevenson   


The breach above was taken by Lynn Thorne who stayed up until 3am to burn her photos to CD and give them to me this morning. This was one of many breaches taken during yesterday's magical trip. Ruth and Camilla also gave me CDs of their fantastic photos from yesterday's trip. They all deserve and get gold stars. For an explanation of the photo on the left, you'll have to read the diary entry. Note the concerned but otherwise laid back looks on the faces of the onlookers, David Saul and Bob Steinhoff.

We set out at eleven under overcast skies, some rain and winds blowing around 11-12 knots from the southeast. Not an ideal day, but forecast to be sunnier and less wind later in the day. We need to refuel in any case. On board we have Bob Steinhoff, Camilla Stringer, Ruth Stringer, Lynn Thorne and myself. Notes taken by Ruth again. There's a slight swell, fairly choppy and a few white horses. Getting out of Devonshire Bay not as easy as the last few times. Skies are dark and threatening to our south east which is where the wind is blowing from. 11.35 breach off Devonshire Bay but too far out to to with low fuel. 11.42 we see another whale and this time turn to follow it but lose it in all the chop and swell. 12.15 refuel at Robinson in Ely's Harbour. After almost $700 of fuel at 12.45 we head back out under clear skies. Head to Sally Tuckers and at 13.00 slow down to look for whales. 13.50 we are eight miles out from Bermuda under clear skies and no more rain. 3-5 foot swells with a few white horses. Midday break at Sally Tucker's to regroup with engine off. 13.59 flukes and spouts 300 yards away. Further out a possible two more whales heading towards us. 14.19 two whales spouting. 14.22 whales surface again in 140 feet of water. 14.26 one on surface on the Western edge of Sally Tucker's. 14.36 two whales surface. 14.37 multiple spouts from one or two whales before flukes arch up for a dive. These whales seem to be feeding so we head for South Shore. 16.20 off Lighthouse. 17.15 back at Devonshire Bay. The highlight of the day is Lynn who manages to capsize the punt on the ramp after disgourging Bob. Fortunately she was the only one in the punt and there was no camera equipment on board. Still smiling and shrugging off the ignominy, she empties the punt of water and sets off from shore with renewed vigour and remarkable panache only to capsize again. Mutterings on board from the rest of the crew to the effect that no one wants to get on the punt with her when she comes to fetch us. Ruth is elected to go but refuses to take her camera equipment. No sense of humour that girl...



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