28th April 08 A day and night out at Challenger listening to whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

We set out on Sea Slipper with Michael Smith, Camilla Stringer, Dawn Mortimer and myself at 10.00 am to record humpback whales singing. Our intention is to spend the night out at Challenger Banks and to remain out there until Tuesday evening.

On the way out to Challenger we come across a pod of dolphins. Several of them bowride the pressure wave at the front of the boat.


When we reach Challenger Banks we drop the hydrophone over and immediately pick up the singing of humpbacks, loud and clear. It's incredible to look out at the apparently empty ocean and listen in to this underwater symphony of communication. I think the best part of the day is phoning up Stevie Masters at Saltus and patching in the singing humpbacks live to his classroom via cell phone. This is the kind of involvement by teachers and classrooms that I had hoped for and Stevie has shown us it is possible with the active involvement of Bermuda's teachers. Detailed notes from Camilla Stringer are on the 29th April's entry.





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