17th May 2008. The second day without seeing whales. Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

On board 'Pheidippidies' just Michael Smith and myself. We set off at 10.30 and cruise along South Shore about two to three miles offshore, dropping the hydrophone in occasionally. Asked the local fishermen on their moorings out there if they had seen whales and the last time was a week ago, the same whales no doubt that I had seen from shore. There were large ocean swells and winds were stiff which made it difficult to see whales or their blows anyway, but there was nothing. We continued to the point at Sally Tuckers and then crossed the shallows to Chubb Head. We saw two splashes which we were convinced were whales breaching or lobtailing but getting to the area just north and west of Chubb Head we realized that what we had seen was a large roller splashing over two adjacent reefs. Recognising that the whales have probably gone, we headed back to Foot of the Lane to put 'Pheidippidies' back on her permanent mooring. We washed her down, flushed out the engine and I'll head out one day this week to clean her up some more and polish the stainless steel.

The last reported sighting of a whale from any of the fishermen was Friday the 9th of May, 2008. Coincidentally, the same day I saw two whales on the South Shore. Perhaps even the same ones?

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