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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
29.Feb.08 Speak to lower school assembly at Somersfield Academy and then two classes of Saltus Cavendish children at Kaleidoscope Art Foundation's Elliott Gallery. Spent time in the afternoon talking to whale entanglement experts at Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies

28.Feb.08 Speak to the lower school assembly at Warwick Academy and then two classes of Saltus Cavendish at Kaleidoscope Art Foundation's Elliott Gallery. In the evening we had Kaleidoscope Art Foundation's official opening of the photographic show of my humpback whale still frames taken from underwater the high definition video footage.

27.Feb.08 Interview with CITV

26.Feb.08 Take David Saul's boat Pheidippidies to Devonshire in preparation for the 'whaling season'. First and second sightings reported from Lou Hollis and other fishermen of a whale entangled around the head by a drift net

22.Feb.08 Couple of whales breaching off Warwick Long Bay seen by Colin Couper. Lots of activity.

22.Feb.08 Couple of whales at least moving east off Smiths Chris Cabrelle two or three hundred meters off the reefs.

02.Feb.08 Off Fairmont Southhampton sighted by Gweneth Brough

01.Feb.08 Whales seen off Horseshoe Beach.

31.Jan.08 Kelly Winfield sees whale breaching off Warwick Long Bay

14.Jan.08 Phone call from Char of two or three whales a mile or so off Elbow Beach

13.Jan.08 10.30am - 5.30pm; On John Burville’s boat, no whales from Sally Tucker’s to Tucker’s Town and back however Ricky Cox sees five whales breaching, flapping pectorals, south east corner Challenger on top of bank, 20 minutes, maybe some smaller ones with some big ones, heading towards Sonesta about 1.30

12.Jan.08 Reports of spouts 3 whales off Pokiok at 4.30 off Devonshire Bay at 5 and I see a whale breach and several spouts off Grape Bay at 5-5:30 with Elsa from the rooftop

11.Jan.08 I see a spout off Grape Bay at 10 am

10.Jan.08 I see a spout going down Collectors Hill at 3.20 off Devonshire Bay

09.Jan.08 Whales sighted off Tuckers Town

08.Jan.08 Chris Cabrell sighted sighted of Smiths

08.Jan.08 Whales sighted by Char off Coral Beach

06.Jan.08 Whales sighted by Char off Coral Beach

30.Dec.07 45 minutes of spouting and two breaches off Elbow Beach sighted by Peggy Massey from Surfside about 2pm

And another report from James Boyce with a whale sighting at Sally Tuckers, and a photograph.

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