2009 04 24 One tagged whale hangs around, 250 kms to our west. What is she doing there? Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Tagged whale 87632 has slowed down and seems now to be just hanging out at that location. This is clear in the pattern of the locations in the map above. The region this whale is at is just about 250km west of Bermuda.


None of the whales tagged off Brazil previously tagged by NOAA have ever done these kind of "pit-stops". Once they get on migration mode, they shoot all the way to the feeding grounds.


So what is whale 87632, a mother with her calf, doing do our west? Feeding? Hanging out with other whales? Waiting for a convoy of whales to continue up north to run the gauntlet of orcas that have visibly scarred a third of these whales when they were calves? Is there a seamount there? Or maybe they don't need seamounts to aggregate. Is there a singer there calling for humpbacks to aggregate around him? Or is the singer a her? Or maybe she's about to reverse direction and come down to Bermuda...


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