2009 04 24 Challenger again with high winds and waves but lots of whales and a match from Zak Leamey Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Set out at 9.30am from Watford Bridge with Michael Smith on Sea Slipper  and Robbin, his daughter Lydia, and myself. Saw two whales feeding on the point at Sally Tuckers but continued to Challenger where we saw whales breaching as we approached the north east edge. Winds were high, as were the waves and we bounced around quite a bit. We photographed the flukes of two whales that remained on the same spot for quite some time, diving for some minutes before surfacing, but almost in the same place. Hydrophone wasn't working so no idea if there was any singing. We managed to obtain five fluke ids and as I was writing this up the next evening got an email from Zak Leamey with a fluke id shot (right below) which I recognised immediately. This matched to a whale we saw yesterday (0286 1 bdc 2009 04 24 as- left below). Dr Jooke Robbins, Director at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, recognized it yesterday when I sent her the image. Its popular name is Brooch (probably from the white 'brooch' just under the V-notch of the tail). It's Allied Whale number is HWC5811.  Dr Robbins has seen it in the Gulf of Maine for a few years, but she believes that its real home farther north in Canada.


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