2009 04 26 The humpback whale to our west heads straight for Bermuda! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I left home this morning in the dark, and returned in the dark after 14 hours on the boat from 6 am to 8 pm. Great underwater footage of a mother and calf and escort and five more fluke ids. Came home this evening to find maps sent to me by Dr Alex Zerbine and Dr Phil Clapham and it looks like whale 87632 is heading toward Bermuda! It is now just west of Crescent Seamount and NW of Bermuda.

These are the latest maps on the four humpback whales that tagged on Silver Bank earlier this month. Here are Dr Phil Clapham's remarks:

"Some very interesting stuff going on out there.  Tilt is now within striking distance of the Gulf of Maine (close enough that we can show Cape Cod in the image).  87632, after spending some time hanging around in the middle of nowhere, has now turned towards Bermuda (Andrew, get out there and find her!)  87760 is finally heading on a more or less straight course for what seems to be the Gulf of Maine.  Meanwhile, 86733 continues to meander within the boundaries of the Tropic of Cancer.  With the exception of Tilt (a known male, and an escort when we tagged him), all of these whale are mothers with young calves.

Go figure - this is why we tag these creatures.  As Dr Alex Zerbini as noted, none of the humpbacks he's tagged off Brazil have meandered around once they've started to migrate."

"More good news: Jooke Robbins just matched 87760 from her dorsal fin.  She's another Gulf of Maine whale (which is where her current course has her headed), name of Vertex.  Vertex was the calf of Orbit (a female whom even I remember from my days there), born in 1995.  The calf accompanying Vertex right now is her second (that Jooke knows of)."

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