2009 12 15- More fluke ids from our 2009 collection- 50 matches of Bermuda whale flukes over 3 years Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Our image above is 0271 taken on the 19th of April 2009 at Challenger Bank. It is matched (unconfirmed by Allied Whale) to na8337. There is only one previous sighting of this whale on the Scotian Shelf in August 2002 by the National Marine Fisheries Service. If you go to our whale diary for the 19th and 20th of April you'll see that we had a bumper crop of some 28 whale fluke ids on the 19th and a further 14 the next day. Of those fourteen, eleven were whales we had observed there the day before. On the 19th it appeared to be two large groups of whales that sometimes came together and then split apart. There was also a lot of singing on the crown.


Our 0270 photographed above left on Challenger Banks on 19th April 2009 I matched to na5638. There have two previous sightings of that whale. March 1989 Turks and Caicos, Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies and March 1993 Silver Bank, YoNAH. That's a 20 year match.Smile

And our photo abve left of 0144 taken on 12th of March was matched to na6141 and has an interesting history. On 10th November 1995 it was photographed on Shackleford Banks, North Carolina by Keith Rittmaster, North Carolina Maritime Museum. It was photographed again on 29 July 1996 Corsair Canyon, Georges Bank by NMFS. See the next pages for additional matches


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