2010 03 21- 27 fluke ids and underwater images of a group of five whales hanging around us Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The old male humpback whale that played around us for an hour. Using our onboard laptop containing our catalogue of Bermuda fluke ids, Camilla Stringer identified this whale immediately to a fluke id we'd taken two years ago almost on the same date. On both occasions this whale was with a group of four juveniles. The water was not crystal clear- there was too much plankton, which probably accounts for why we saw as many as 30-50 whales on Sunday when we obtained 25 individual fluke ids.



Above are some of the underwater still frames taken from the high definition video. On the bottom left is the perfect fluke id sent to us by Sylvia May on Fantasea from the same day. On the bottom right is a partial fluke id by Richard Lee taken from Explorer. This makes our fluke ids for Sunday alone a total of 27!

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