2010 week of April 5-9 with lots of whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

After two weeks of bad weather, we've been out on the water every day this week, some days 10-12 hours long. There has been plenty of action with scores of whales. Most days we have seen somewhere between 20 to 50 whales with anywhere from 15-20 fluke ids daily as well as underwater footage. We have matched some of these fluke ids to previous sightings elsewhere and many to resightings here in Bermuda. Getting out on the water five days in a row we have also had resightings within this week. We have ontained so many fluke ids and the days on the water have been so long that I haven't had time to do my usual daily diary entries. As soon as we catch up on the identification of the whales, I'll put in my dairy entries.

Most days this week we have seen surface active groups of whales with some 8 or more individuals with plenty of head lunges, breaching, pectoral fin slapping, lobtailing, S-curves and trumpeting. These appear to be groups of males surrounding a female. Sometimes the female appears to have a yearling calf with her. We haven't seen any newborn calves. We have also heard some beautiful whale song.

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