2010 04 21- Calm seas, no wind and 15-20 elusive whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Out on Dom Perignon with Bob Steinhoff, Camilla, Tucker Murphy, Liz Lusher and myself. The winds were variable today and the sea was calm but the whales were elusive. We must have seen 15-20 whales today but it was hard to keep them in sight, they submerged for well over 20 minutes at a time. We did get about five fluke ids but considering how fine the weather was, it wasn't easy.


One of the fluke ids we obtained today. The double chunks taken out of the trailing edge look vaguely familiar.

dsc_0287_compressed dsc_0263_compressed

The upside of going out and returning in a very fast boat is that I'm back during daylight hours. Today I was in time to see Elsa at her karate class at school and to partake in Somers' fascination with the moon overhead.

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