2010 04 22- Lots of wind, lots of waves and lots of whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


When a whale breaches right beside the boat, a 300mm lens is usless.


But if he does it again... a little further away...

Despite the high winds and whitecaps, a spectacular day with 15-20 whales sighted and lots of action with mothers and calves and escorts and challengers. On board Dom Perignon with Bob Steinhoff, was Camilla, Liz Lusher, Grace Shelton and myself. Detailed notes of times, locations, ids, behaviour and sound recordings are made separately and catalogued with the fluke ids for future reference.

dsc_0080_compressed  dsc_0410_compressed

Pec slapping on the left and a whale close to the boat evading other whales.


And we even got back in time to celebrate Earth Day with Somers, Elsa and Annabel.

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