2010 05 18- More Cuviers beaked whales in the Canyon and a humpback calf, but no whale song Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


On Jim Butterfield's boat Foreign Exchange with Camilla Stringer, and Jim, Nikki and Tyler Butterfield, probably for our last outing looking for whales this season. We went across the Bermuda platform and sat with the engines off for an hour in the middle of the canyon. Our patience paid off and we saw perhaps half a dozen Cuvier's beaked whales. We dropped the hydrophone overboard but nothing. Then we went to the crown of Challenger and turned the engine off for an hour and listened and looked, but nothing. I heard from Kevin Horsefield later that he was on Argus and there was no sign of whale activity. We did see a Great or South Polar Skua. We then headed back to Bermuda and worked our way slowly along South Shore to about Coral Beach before heading back. Just as we were rounding Somerset Heather Gossels phoned. She had been looking for whales all day for us and finally spotted a calf when it breached just 200 yards off her house on Pokiok Estates. After reaching shore, I drove to Heather's house and looked for an hour and finally spotted the calf lobtailing several times about a quarter of a mile in front of Devonshire Bay at 6.45 pm. The mothers and calves are still coming by, but the numbers are dwindling.

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On the bridge with Jim, Nikki and Tyler Butterfield and heading home.

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