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Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Will Nations Vote to Legalize Commercial Whaling this Week?

Dear Fellow Activists,

Twenty years ago, thanks to overwhelming public support, commercial whaling was banned worldwide. But, this wonderful victory that has fostered healthier whale populations and vibrant ecosystems is in serious jeopardy. Right now, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is meeting in Morocco. The fate of whales, worldwide, is in the hands of a few powerful individuals. What will they decide?

Tell the International Whaling Commission that Killing Whales is NOT on the table:


For decades, countries like Japan, Norway and Iceland have boldly ignored the ban on commercial whaling, exploiting loopholes and killing about two thousand whales per year. And, now these pro-whaling countries are on the verge of mounting a major victory. A deal, proposed by the United States and others, would actually legalize commercial whaling for the first time in twenty years! If you're jaw has dropped to your keyboard, you're not alone. It's astonishing, upsetting and totally unacceptable!

Speak up! Send a message to President Obama urging him to protect whales and not the whalers:


If you feel like calling the White House, you can leave a message for the President at the following phone number: 202-456-1414

For the Whales!
Greenpeace USA

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