2010 07 21- Latest position and predicted track of tagged whale Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


"Updated with today's positions (so far)....


I'd suggest naming this whale 'Arrow' giving the remarkable straightness of her track, but a) there is (or was) already a whale in the Gulf of Maine with that name, and b) as soon as we name her, she'll stop transmitting.  Let's say the whale gets a name if she makes it to a feeding ground..."


Dr Phil Clapham



See predicted track below.


"Just for amusement, here's a projection of her track if she doesn't change course.  At this rate (heading 35 degrees) she's going to crash into the Faroes in about ten days.


By the way, she's about 3,000 nautical miles from Guadeloupe right now, and nowhere near home."


Dr Phil Clapham




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