2010 11 22- Whalesbermuda has over 700,000 hits just as the whales are about to show up Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Our website has had over 700,000 views!


Our winter humpbacks should start showing up soon. Although we don't seem to see the humpbacks on their southern migration from the feeding grounds up north to their breeding grounds down south, we do have humpbacks that remain through the winter on the mid-ocean seamounts. Eager to spot the first ones, Somers and I take a walk around Spittal Pond to see if we can find one.

dsc_0161a dsc_0131a

On the lookout point at Spanish Rock I keep Somers distracted with a copy of Calvin and Hobbes while I scan the horizon for whales above left. Elsa works undercover, disguised as a dragon, above right.

dsc_0070a dsc_0080a

When we don't find whales we go to another great viewpoint, Warwick playground where Somers and Elsa can at least be whale riders even if they don't spot any humpbacks in the ocean.


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