2010 12 12 Bad weather so we look for Dragons instead of whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   



With bad weather there's no point looking for whales on the South Shore, so instead Elsa and her friend and classmate Klara go looking for dragons. We're equipped with ropes, compass, headlights, maps, helmets

dsc_0185a dsc_0196a

Even though we're looking for dragons, when we find a lookout it's hard for Klara to resist a quick look for whales. Elsa checks the compass headings

dsc_0205a dsc_0217a

Elsa and Klara descend into one of the deepest most dangerous caves inhabited by dragons, Elsa carrying her reference book, 'How to Train your Dragon'

dsc_0221a dsc_0334a

Elsa reads Dragonese from the glossary of vocabulary and key phrases from the back of her book of 'How to Train your Dragon' and tries to communicate with the dragons in their own language before descending into the pitch black of the cave


One of the beautiful caves lit by sunlight coming through holes in the roof

dsc_0312a dsc_0074

Klara and Elsa come out of the cave safely while Somers keeps a watchful eye out for dragons lurking around in the jungle outside the caves

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