2010 12 24- Christmas Eve and we still have bad weather and cannot see the whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


With too much wind and waves to spot whales from South Shore, Elsa and Somers take to sculpting them in the sand at Warwick playground where we were the only ones braving the record low temperatures we have endured for the last two weeks with winds up to 80 knots

dscn9076 dscn9082

It was Somers' idea to sculpt the whales but Elsa soon got into the act

 dscn9042 dscn9052

While Somers fine tunes the art Elsa climbs to the highest point to look for whales but Somers isn't far behind

dsc_0022 dsc_0049 

Somers with her Santa hat on, fascinated by all the festivities and catching a few zzzzzzzs. A rare event for Somers


And Elsa's wishes to all of you. A very Merry Christmas!

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