2011 04 3- www.whalesbermuda.com has had 1,000,000 hits in three years! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

We've now had over a million hits in the three years we have had this home-made website up and running. It's an impressive achievement and shows the interest that whales have for the general public. I hope this site has provided the general public and marine scientists with an insight into the pelagic migratory social behaviour of the North Atlantic humpback whales. Living in Bermuda, we are fortunate in having this window into their mid-ocean crossings and with the increasing data we are collecting (over 60 individual fluke IDs already this season) I believe we will obtain some remarkable information. Although Bermuda is not a sea-mount (it's an island) we have two mid-ocean seamounts within striking distance (Challenger Bank at 15 miles offshore and Argus Bank at 25 miles offshore) that provide us with a wealth of data on the humpbacks' oceanic lives. This is our fifth year filming, photographing and recording the whales' lives and there are some very interesting patterns starting to reveal themselves.


All of this takes a huge amount of commitment, time and money, and we're always scrambling for funding. If you would like to contribute to these efforts donations can be made through a registered charity for tax-deduction purposes- the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, a US-registered charity affiliated with the Bermuda Zoological Society.


Keep watching this space. We've got some interesting things to reveal...

Why would two whales photographed together in Greenland be seen together here in Bermuda 22 years later? Are they migrating together? More to come as we check our fluke IDs for more confirmation of this pattern...

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