2011 06 09- More underwater images of calves from this season Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

A calf comes for a close look. More images below


still_frames_silver_bank_2011_72_edited_3 still_frames_silver_bank_2011_54_edited_3


The calf above was showing off, doing somersaults, when it miscalculated its buoyancy and started rising to the surface as it completed the top of the loop. The fluke hit the camera with considerable force. The calves are like overgrown puppies and aren't totally in control of their bodies, or totally aware of their spatial dimensions. The calves are inherently curious and show a tendency to play with seaweed or anything floating in the water. This can, and does, lead to calves becoming lethally entangled in ropes, nets and discarded cargo netting, as we have witnessed here in Bermuda.
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