2011 06 19- At last, we get to Castle Island and look for Umbriago el Dragon Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

castle_island_001 castle_island_187
Today we finally managed to make it all the way out to Castle Island where Umbriago el Dragon lives

castle_island_191 castle_island_169
As soon as Somers' feet hit sand she was immediately off exploring on her own

castle_island_068 castle_island_147
These paths and accesses to the fort (which dates back to 1621 and is the oldest standing English fortification in the New World) were overgrown with bush

castle_island_143 castle_island_121
It was definitely very spooky exploring some of the secret passages

castle_island_118 castle_island_110
But our intrepid duo, Elsa and Somers didn't hesitate to poke around in their quest to find Umbriago

castle_island_092 castle_island_099

There were a couple of possible sightings

castle_island_079 castle_island_076

We explored the outer and inner keeps

castle_island_016 castle_island_055

But wherever Umbriago was, he sure wasn't where we were looking
castle_island_029 castle_island_049

It was probably because we were there in broad daylight that we never discovered Umbriago

castle_island_036 castle_island_200

Eventually we returned home for some 'quiet' time, although that didn't last long with Somers, who was soon doing somersaults from the sofa

castle_island_205 castle_island_209

It takes a lot for these two to be tuckered out, but after watching dad do an open ocean swim race this morning, cycling around Clearwater for ages in the morning, looking for Umbriago in the afternoon and then swimming for a couple of hours... this is the result

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