10 10 2011- Book launch of "Whale Song" on October 12th 2011 at the Aquarium 6-8 pm Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The book launch of 'Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic humpbacks' will take place this Wednesday, 12th October 6-8 pm at the Aquarium in the Aquarium Hall. The introductory price of this large-format illustrated book will be $40.00 rather than the suggested retail price of $45.00. Thanks to BAMZ and the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, all proceeds from the sale of the book during the book launch will go towards the continued research of the humpback whales. The companion documentary film, 'Where the Whales Sing' will also be available for sale as well as Andrew's and Peter Woolcock's two children's books, 'The Turtle who ate a Balloon' and 'The Toad with One Eye'.


This publication, published simultaneously in the UK and USA, is Andrew's tenth published book in the last fourteen years and his second illustrated book. His books have been published in eight countries in three languages. He is now working on a novel (about the humpback whales-- what else?) and is still toying with the idea of doing another film about the humpbacks.
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