2011 14 10- More satellite-tagged whale positions in the Southern Hemisphere Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

A humpback whale's ten-day positions off the northern tip of New Zealand. This is 81126, who has been hanging out at the very northern tip of the North Island for a while.


These humpback whales have been tagged in New Caledonia by Claire Garrigue in collaboration with NMML. One of these animals headed towards New Zealand and then turned east to the Kermadecs, but it seems that the tag has now stopped. The other whale is still going strong...it swam along the northern side of the North Island of NZ and is currently right off Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf, as shown above. Rochelle Constantine has put out a call to those on the water in this area to see if they can find the animal and photograph it... we'd love to see how the tag is doing.


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