2011 10 19- Humpback whale spotted on Challenger Bank a week ago, Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Reliable reports of a humpback whale feeding on the South-east corner of Challenger Bank on the 15th of October. We have had several days of flat calm weather that makes spotting whales easy, even if you aren't looking for them, so perhaps that accounts for this unexpected report of a whale in Bermuda waters. But as far as I know, this is the first sighting of humpbacks here this early for some decades.  It seems the humpbacks did migrate past Bermuda centuries ago, but not recently. I've had reports that there has been an amazing amount of food up north in the Gulf of Maine this summer.And here in Bermuda we have had unprecedented numbers of ocean robins in and around Bermuda waters.

But a whale would not leave some of the most productive waters in the world and go to Bermuda in search of food although a whale cruising in the Bermuda area for some other reason (migrating, exploring, getting a jump on the breeding season) and finding food here would certainly exploit it. So while it is interesting sighting a whale here at a time when they have not been know to be present, we shouldn't draw too many conclusions from a single sighting (especially in a growing population).

Unfortunately, no photos to add to this entry.

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