2012 01 15- Whale sightings off Spittal Pond and Devonshire Bay Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
whales_off_spittal_pond_034_edited whales_off_spittal_pond_040_edited

Annabel was watching the runners by Harrington Hundreds today when she glimpsed up at the ocean and saw this whale just off the breakers off Spittal Pond. I came down with Elsa and Somers and watched the humpback for an hour and a half. The whale remained in shallow 100-foot deep waters in the same area breathing at the surface every 20 minutes. What was it doing? Resting? Sleeping? Scratching in a sand hole?

whales_off_spittal_pond_022_edited whales_off_spittal_pond_025_edited

These aren't great photos of the dorsal fin and back, but they do show clearly a humpback whale, once again spotted close to our South Shore in early January. At exactly the same time as these photos were taken, Russ Sedgwick emailed me on my Blackberry to let me know he had two whales off Devonshire Bay, not a mile away from Spittal Pond. A distance of a mile between these three whales would be nothing and I would guess that they are somehow connected. Could the whale we saw be a calf? Were the other two a female and an escort, as we had seen earlier in this week in Ocean Potion? This is the second time I have seen a whale off Spittal Pond within a week. These photographs substantiate the consistent sightings we have seen this early in the season.
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