2012- Fluke IDs from the Silver Bank January 30th to February 3 with matches! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I didn't obtain that many above water fluke IDs this trip because I spent a lot more time in the water. I do have some good underwater fluke IDs but it takes a bit longer to process the video and extract the still frames, so bear with me. If you can match any of these flukes, please let me know

silverbank_jan_1_384_edited silverbank_jan_1_814_edited
Jonathan Gwalthney has matched the fluke above right to Provincetown's Centre for Coastal Studies catalogue Mets, a Gulf of Maine whale last seen in 2008. Mets was first seen in the Gulf of Maine in 2003
silverbank_jnauray_138_edited silverbank_jnauray_233_edited
silverbank_jnauray_473_edited silverbank_jnauray_476_edited
silverbank_jan_1_490_edited silverbank_jnauray_464_edited
Above left is Pixar, identified by Leah Crowe as a Gulf of Maine whale. Pixar was born in 2000 and has been seen regularly in the Gulf of Maine until this past season

Above a young calf showing off its fluke. Usually these are not any use to us as a fluke ID because they can change so much the first year, but he was bound and determined to show it off to us so I might as well add it here

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