2012 January 29th Feb 4th Above water photos from the Silver Bank, north of Dominican Republic Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A male humpbacks launches himself onto a competing male to maintain his role as primary escort to a female. The Silver Bank, 80 miles offshore the north coast of Dominican Republic between Turks and Caicos, is the North Atlantic humpbacks' breeding and calving grounds with some 5,000 humpbacks congregating here each winter where the males compete to mate with females
silverbank_jnauray_071_edited silverbank_jan_1_311_edited
silverbank_jan_1_016_edited silverbank_jnauray_070
Above, some of the rolicking action we witnessed where 45-foot, 45-ton humpbacks launch themselves at each other to fend off the competition for a female. The power and agressiveness of these animals is awesome to witness and yet these same animals are so gentile and docile when we are in the water with them (not when they are competing!)

silverbank_jan_1_113_edited silverbank_jnauray_066_edited

silverbank_jan_1_348_edited silverbank_jan_1_501_edited

Above, a large mother and a tiny calf about two weeks old


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