2013 03 24- 9 fluke IDs, one re-sighting, 6 whales serenade us, a singing whale and dolphins Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Above, one of the six whales that circled our boat for an hour
Above the lone singer we found on Challenger Bank. We could hear him singing through the hull of the boat with the engines on! Despite the high ocean swells that made photographing IDs difficult, we managed to get this ID
Not a very good angle, but an ID nevertheless
A partial fluke ID but distinctive. If you recognise any, please let us know
0153_1_bd_2009_03_29_as_2013_03_24 0153_1_bd_2013_03_24_as_2009_03_29
Above left, an ID we made in 2009 on March 29. Above right a small partial ID which we managed to match, once again showing similarity of dates, this time 2013 March 24
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