2013 03 24 Photos of whales on a dark, rainy day with large ocean swells Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
The ocean swells were big enough that we were often looking up at the whales towering above us. At mid-day we made a last-minute decision to get out on the water for a short window of calm weather between fronts promising high winds, high seas, rain and thunderstorms. The gamble paid off with the winds calming down for a couple of hours before gale force winds buffeted the island the same evening. We managed to squeeze 6 hours on the water and were lucky enough to see a lone whale, park on his fluke print, and hear him singing through the hull of the boat. Now we have gale warnings and high winds for the rest of the week as late winter storms batter Bermuda
whales_146_edited whales_193_edited
Six whales surrounded us as they displayed classic behavior at this time of the year when groups of whales seem to be 'sniffing' each other out with no overt displays of aggression or courtship
whales_325_edited whales_389_edited
Because of the weather, I did not bring my heavy underwater camera but the above-water antics of these whales were impressive enough
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