2014 04 09 How to take stunning images of whales underwater ;-) Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
First, drive 20 miles off Bermuda in 14,000 feet. Turn the engine off on the boat. Lean over the back of the boat and stick your underwater camera down as far as you can into the water and then call the whales over Wink
Sometimes it helps if you sing to them. You've got to find someone with a really good voice
Then the guy sticking his camera underwater off the back of the boat can get the shots above and below. It's as easy as that!
These underwater photos were taken under a Protected Species License for Scientific Research Activities from the Department of Conservation Services, Bermuda. Anyone conducting prohibited activities without a valid Department of Conservation Services Protected Species License or authorization may be subject to the penalties as provided under the 2003 Act. It is not recommended to swim with whales due to the inherent dangers both to whales and to humans
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