2014 04 11 Seven new fluke IDs and four re-sightings Bermuda to Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
1197_1_bd_2014_04_11_as_2013_04_19 1197_1_bd_2013_04_19_aff_2014_04_11
Our 1197 photographed today above left and above right in 2013.This and the two matches below were made by our Judie Clee
0380_1_bd_2014_04_11_as_2014_04_11 0380_1_bd_2010_04_05_as_2014_04_11
Our 0380 photographed above left today and above right in 2010
0450_1_bd_2007_04_24_cb_2011_04_15_2013_04_19_2014_04_11 0450_1_bd_2011_04_15_as_2007_04_24
Above left our 0450 photographed in 2007 and above right in 2010
0450_1_bd_2013_04_19_as_2007_04_24 0450_1_bd_2014_04_11_as_2007_04_24_2011_04_15_2013_04_19

Above left our 0450 in 2013 and above right, today
0590_1_bd_2014_04_11_as_2013_04_13 0590_1_bd_2011_04_13_as__2014_04_11_m1911
Our 0590 photographed today above left and almost on the same day in 2011
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