2014-10-18 Effects of Hurricane Gonzalo in Fairylands Creek Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
photo dsc04939
Elsa standing in front of our boat as the weather started to close in and on the right early the next day, still afloat!
dsc04967 dsc04970
dsc04911 dsc05059
Above left, before the hurricane hit later that day, and above right the next morning
dsc05121 dsc04979
dsc05299 dsc05305
We lost several trees in our back garden
dsc05307 dsc04956
The debris field in our back garden is the shed from the neighbours, some of which is still hanging over the fence above right
dsc05030 dsc05035
dsc05044 dsc05048
We have hundreds of bananas, avocados and oranges if anyone wants some...
dsc05270 dsc05303
Somers showing us how she would hide if there was a storm and above right, getting everything back into shape again to an idyllic island in the middle of the Atlantic. We have electricity back on within 36 hours of Gonzalo and Fay, a testimony to the reslience of Bermuda and its people and how everyone pulls together to get through this. Quite remarkable. Two hurricanes in less than a week and on both occasions within two days shops and schools will be open, ferries and buses running, businesses open. The worst damage was marine devastation with boats overturned, sunk or run aground in this Category 3 hurricane
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