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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Christmas afternoon in Bermuda. Elsa has been swimming for 45 minutes while Somers sat on her dinosaur nest and looked after some hatching eggs. Mummy and Daddy cruised the beach...
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Carrots, for the reindeer and biscuits and milk for Santa with a note for them to help themselves. Elsa has been camped out under the Christmas tree for the past fortnight. Somers got to sleep by the fire on Christmas Eve. Mummy and Daddy went to bed at 1.30 am after 'arranging' Santa gifts and Daddy nibbled the carrots and biscuits and drank the milk. At 2 am the kids woke up and opened their stockings and gifts from Santa. They eventually went back to sleep and woke up again at 5.30 am.
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The kids were under instruction not to wake us up until 7 am. They amused themsleves from 5.30 to exactly 7.00 and then woke us up. Christmas Day had started!
dsc06243 dsc06313
Somers loves her new cap which, when you squeeze the do-hickies hanging down her ears will flap. Kira the Cat is bemused by the whole thing
dsc06499 dsc06380
A visit by all the family including Dr Chloe to celebrate with Gigi now in her 96th year. Elsa starting to feel the effects of a sleep-deprived night while Somers continues, as usual, to be a ball of energy
dsc06489 dsc06491
Elsa wakes up when she finds an advance copy of "Family Man" the book just published as a tribute to Peter Woolcock. The book contains a decade of articles I wrote (and Peter illustrated) about being a dad-at-home. She laughs as she reads some of the antics we got up to (not all of them on purpose, I might add)
dsc06518 dsc06520
While Somers continues to sit dutifully on Elsa's nest of dinosaur eggs discovered on the sand-bank, Elsa goes swimming and collects Sargasso Seaweed to inspect for critters. She seems impervious to the cold
dsc06189 dsc06196
Christmas Day in Bermuda. The view out the back and our boat at the bottom of the garden. Hmm, it can't get much better than this can it? Thinking of our friends who departed precipitously this year...
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