2015 01 01 New Zealand, Diamond Harbor and Hanmer Springs Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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Now you see her, now you don't. In the playground around the corner from their grandparents in Christchurch. We arrive in Auckland at 5.30 am after three long flights from Bermuda but we hit the ground running and just kept going until 9 pm that night
dsc06859 dsc06866
We walked up Mt Hubert in the Port Hills and in Diamond Harbor eating icecream beside a copy of the fighter their paternal grandfather flew
dsc06964 dsc06982
Climbing Mt Isobel in Hanmer Springs
dsc06983 dsc06989
The long haul to the very top. Elsa and I wait but it's not long before Somers and Annabel arrive
dsc06979 dsc06996
Mandatory photo of us at the top but getting everyone to look the same way isn't easy. Then the long, long walk back down
dsc06999 dsc07712
Somers, tired and dejected on the way back down but all is forgiven when we get back just in time for the hot pools and a couple of quick tides down the slides
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