2015 04 03 Be careful with your boats around whales- the zippered effect of a prop on a whales back Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
This poor whale has the prop of a small boat slash across its back lopping off the dorsal fin and almost amputating the right side of the fluke as seen below. Photographed on Challenger Bank today, a reminder for boats to keep a eye out for whales. Luckily this one survived...
We're still trying to identify this whale as we didn't get a clear shot of the ventral side of its fluke
zippered_whale_in_sb zippered_whale_in_witless_bay_by_arlene
Photo above left taken by Gene Flipse is the same whale on the Silver Bank from February 4th this year and on the right at Witless Bay, photo taken by Arlene Evan July 2004
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