Do you use SCUBA tanks when filming whales underwater? Print
No, I don't use SCUBA tanks underwater. Humpback whales use the blowing of bubbles as a threat to competitors. If I had SCUBA gear on, the whales might think I am threatening them and leave. When I am in the water I try and be as still as can be. I never swim after the whales, which would only chase them away and they can swim a lot faster than I can. If you are very still and quiet and obviously not a threat to them, they might come and take a closer look. Then you have to grit your teeth and keep especially still because when a 45-foot 45-ton whale comes swimming straight at you, you don't want to make any sudden moves. I have found that humpback whales are very gentle and careful and they may come very close but they don't hit or even touch me.