12th April 08 in the water with a mother and young calf Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


It was difficult filming because of the number of boats that joined in over the course of some hours but the link to the underwater video taken today of a mother and young calf is:


The following notes were taken by Vivienne Lochhead:

0920 Depart Hamilton Dinghy Club on Dom Perignon with Dr Sam dePutron from BIOS, Vivenne Lochhead, Andrew, Bob Steinfhoff, Helen and Jack Durner.

1015 Sighting straight ahead of boat about a mile or so south west of Chubb Head

1020 2 Blows and 2 fluke showings

1028 Sighting off starboard; 2 flukes showing

1029 Lots of fluke shots as the whale tail lobs

1042 Blow and then we lose the whale

1045 3 blows (30 seconds apart) in distance +fluke (different whale)

1052 Blow; depth of water is 150 ft.

1056 Blow, 100 yards off of boat. Behaviour of whale is typical of sleeping or logging whale. This is our second whale

1057 Dorsal + 2 blows

1058 Another blow + dorsal; did not show fluke but did do a longer dorsal roll before disappearing from sight. Lose whale again, the second whale in less than an hour

1153 Lots of breaching in distance towards the south

1200 Mother and calf sighting (65 feet of water), off of Sally Tucker’s with two other boats.

1203 Sightings of different spouts (could be 4+ whales) in distance, about ½ m to the South with lots of boats around.

1204 Baby 100 yds S of boat. Other boats begin to join in.

1335 Following same 2 whales (mother and calf) in 70ft water, SW direction towards Challenger. Other boats leave and Andrew in water a number of times before another boat joins in.

1500 Head back to Bermuda with whales continuing towards the west. Seas getting choppier and sky is becoming overcast

Report from Mick Smith on Challenger that he has eight or more whales in sight. The fluke shots he sends me later confirm that this is the same pod we had seen yesterday in more or less the same area.

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