April 22nd 2008 No whales today, after all that activity a couple of days ago at full moon! Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Notes taken and written up by Jackie Stevenson.

Unfortunately no whales today although there was a sighting mid afternoon. Andrew speculates that the increased whale activity during the full moon has abated and the whales have moved on, with just a few stragglers still in the area. This is exactly what happened last year. A flurry of whale activity leading up to the full moon and then nothing immdiately afterwards until the numbers build up again. The whales swimming amongst the eleven moored fishing boats at Sally Tucker's the past couple of days are now suddenly they are gone. A radio call to the fishermen confirmed that they hadn't seen any whales. Jolly Roger was out looking for whales and found two, in deep water, and that was all.

Beautiful clear day with a temperature in the low 70s and winds out of the South South West at 15 mph. 11 am departure from Royal Hamilton Dinghy Club on boat Dom Perignon. On board are Andrew, Bob Steinhoff, Camilla’s visiting Dad, John and myself, Jackie Stevenson.

12 noon we refuel the boat at Miles Marina and then set off across the Great Sound and through to the open ocean picking Lynne Thorne up from the Somerset Ferry stop enroute. We reach Sally Tuckers at 1pm. There are three fishing boats and one whale watching vessel in the area. We reduce speed and start looking and wait.

1:30 pm we head out to the Challenger Bank. There are big swells and plenty of whitecaps making whale spotting difficult. We patrol the area at reduced speed for an hour and then return to Sally Tuckers at approximately 2:30pm. 3:10pm Andrew sights whales between the boat and the mainland. But there is no further whale activity. They've disappeared. We head towards Chubb Head looking for them and Andrew surmises that they must have gone in the opposite direction, east, along South Shore.

4:45pm we head back to the Dinghy Club and again drop Lynne off in Somerset on the return journey.

A wonderful day out on the water and a renewed appreciation of the elusive ways of the whale!