23rd April 2008 One fluke shot all day from Explorer Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I didn't go out today with winds and waves high. However Explorer did go out and after a lot of hard work found one whale moving consistently along South Shore. I was sent this excellent fluke shot by Dawn Allen. Notes from Camilla Stringer who was also on board.

Wednesday 23rd April on Explorer



Leave BUEI  on Explorer and head out to Sally Tucker’s Watford Bridge.  The wind is stronger than forecast and there are lots of white caps.


One of the passengers sees a breach.  Michael and Judie also see a second breach.  Michael estimates we are about 20 minutes away from the whale.


Three blows are spotted.  Michael heads in the direction he thinks the whale is traveling.


We see two blows and the whale appears to dive showing its fluke.


The whale is traveling a little faster than us – about 41/2 knots.  It surfaces ahead of the boat on the starboard side, blows three times and dives showing it’s fluke.


Two blows and the whale dives.


The whales surfaces twice close to port, but this time we do not see its fluke when is submerges.  It has slowed to approx. 31/2 knots.


The whale surfaces twice more on the port side, showing its fluke when it dives.  This time I manage to get a photograph.


Michael sights what he thinks it the same whale way off to starboard.  We see it surface and blow twice.  We head for home.




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