16th May 2008 The first day without seeing or hearing whales since they arrived. Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

We set out today on Sea Slipper with Michael Smith, myself, Camilla Stringer, Carol Dixon and Paul at 9.30 am from Darrell's Wharf. We dropped the hydrophone at Sally Tuckers and then continued across the canyon, dropping the hydrophone along the way. At Challenger Bank we dropped the hydrophone numerous times at places we had consistently seen whales over the last couple of months and for the first time we saw and heard nothing. We had a couple of wishful thinking blows, but nothing materialized. We spent the whole day criss-crossing Challenger as well as circumnavigating along its entire edge but nothing. We called on channel 8 the marine radio and asked fishermen out there if they had seen whales but nothing has been seen for about five days. It's sad to think that these gentle giants have moved on to their northern feeding grounds. We'll try at least another day before giving up for the season. We arrived back at Darrell's at 20.00. A great day, but no whales! We did have a couple of longtails think about landing on the bow of the boat which provided a great opportunity to practice photographing.





Postcript: A call in from someone who saw a whale tail lob off Cloverday at 9am this morning. If we had had the call, we could have changed our plans and gone out from Devonshire Bay! Interesting to hear though that the whales were still here.


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