18th June 2008 presentation on The Humpback Whale Film and Research Project Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I will be giving a presentation on the progress of "The Humpback Whale Film and Research Project" at BUEI on Wednesday 18th June at 6.30 pm sharp. Tickets are $20.00 obtainable from boxoffice.bm .


The presentation will include the 10-minute video "Sleeping with Whales" included in the Bermuda International Film Festival 2008 and the ten minute video "Behind the Scenes on Close up and Personal" showing above water footage of how I obtained that underwater footage. I will also show high definition underwater video footage of a 2-week old humpback calf and its mother in Dominican Republic, a three-month old calf and its mother and a 15-month old calf and its mother in Bermuda and other footage including a pod of ten whales swimming by. I will be discussing some of the surprising discoveries and suppositions that two seasons working on this project have raised regarding the humpback whales' migration behaviour.


Look forward to seeing you there that night.



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